Main Themes

Themes of conference

Cement and other binders: technologies for cement production, limestone, gypsum, magnesium cements, geopolymers,  limestone calcined clay cement (LC3), alternative raw materials, alternative fuels, grinding aid agents, production technology, high strength cements, low heat cements, new cements, new testing methods, etc.

Concretes: raw materials,  recycled aggregates, admixtures for concrete (mineral and chemical), climate adaptable concrete, cracks in concrete, fibre - reinforced concretes, high - performance concretes, ultra -high- performance concretes (UHPC), 3D printing concrete, concrete production technologies, concrete structures, new testing methods, etc.

Materials for Roads, Bridges and Infrastructures: Technologies and materials for roads and bridges, road foundations, material components for drainage systems in transportation works, etc.

Ceramics: raw materials, frit, colour powder, technologies and equipment for production of ceramics, manufactured stones, self- cleaning ceramics, etc.

Glass: raw materials, technologies and equipment for glass production, the latest glass products (low energy glass, self-cleaning glass), new testing methods, etc.

Refractory materials: raw materials, new products for metal refineries, cement industries, new admixtures, new testing methods, metallurgy industry, etc.

Fireproof and insulating materials: energy-efficient insulation, aerogel Insulation, vacuum insulation panels (VIP), reflective insulation; smart insulation, fireproof testing equipment, fireproof paints, insulating paints, soundproofing materials, new testing methods, insulated simulation, etc.

Environment in the production of building materials:  energy saving; climate adaptation; recycling and reuse; low-carbon technologies; green building materials; life cycle assessment (LCA); advanced testing methods to assess the durability and environmental impact of construction materials; water conservation; phase change materials (PCM), new testing methods, simulation, regulatory compliance, etc.